Thursday, November 27, 2008

After the Shawl

Unblocked, just a black blob. But now I can address the list of things I've been putting off. Putting off until I finished my Theory, Pharmachology and Lab classes. Then not until I finish the very challenging Black Diamond Shawl. A challenge because it was very geometric, a very long repeat and splitty acrylic. Hopefully it will find its grace when it's blocked out. Everyone else likes it. I hope the recipient likes it.
Another black blob. Carly has had a 3rd bout of intestinal troubles. She's a big dog, so it's a big trouble. She did manage to walk to the vet clinic with me and is taking water. Thank goodness D blocked her in the back room. He cleaned it up this morning, but I had to do it again. Her doughnut is washed and she's sleeping.

These are my little moss gardens. I'm considering offering them for fund raising for the camp. Pretty discouraging at the worship meeting tomorrow. I am discouraged generally about the Sunday School being ghetto-ized to the back room instead of the integration I have worked so hard on. But I don't have the time or effort to fight the fight. I start full time in just over a week. My first time in 13 years.

We had a lost key emergency. Both kids had lost their keys and just planned to break in after school. So I set up a hook for each. When they're all home, it reminds me of Mrs. Weasley's clock to determine the status of each of her kids.

Finally, I had a big baking push. 4 double batches of shortbread. I may do the rest today. Pastry and sugar cookies are in the fridge. Just roll out and bake. Overseas letters are ready to mail. Whew.

Now I have choices unlike any time in the last year. I'll make the November block for the aran afghan and then? Finishe the colorwork sweater on the needles? I also have a silk blend scarf and the dreaded thistle shawl. It can't be worse than the diamonds.
Have a safe and happy American Thanksgiving. Let the parades and movies and concerts begin.

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Angie said...

The shortbread looks lovely. I hope Carly is doing better. Best wishes with the back to full time schedule and related adjustments.