Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lesley asked which pattern I'm using for the baby blanket. Sorry I didn't put it in, but I wonder sometimes if I'm not boring you, dear reader, with repetition of patterns and yarn information and my slow production of finished objects. The 10 stitch blanket was found on Ravelry. I didn't want to use Noro- like an old best friend who captivated you with her bright fresh ideas and then spiralled into a two-dimensional diva, I am off Noro. Vegetable matter, knots, you know. The Mini Mochi is my new Noro. It is a slightly spun yarn that probably doesn't make good socks (according to Lala) but I love the softness and long colour repeats.
We loved Portland! These pics are from the farmers' market, held in the university grounds. We were able to walk all over the city, from wool shop to brew pub to enormous book store. All good.

Our hotel was pretty central and we apprectiated some of the local architcture.

This lion bas relif really captured me. I am a Leo and have always been drawn to the lions as gate keepers in museums and libraries.

The cold and rain have decided to recede for the rest of the week. I'm happy to have the summer-like conditions. I missed walking the dog. But she has a pretty painful shoulder. It has been gradually getting worse and now is not influenced by rest or activity. D is a dairy vet and says she will probably have to have xrays. We have her on anti-inflammatory meds (like me) but they are only a bit helpful. We'll have to get the vet's impressions.

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