Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Knitting

I worked nights on Thursday and then predictably frogged something on Friday. The Winterblomen mittens were too big, the Slip Jig sock was too big. This is not the fault of the pattern. I just have a terrible time reaching gauge. The mitties were cast on again in 1.75 mm. I still want to make the mittens, but I want to make a Gretel hat first in the hand spun I bought in Oregon.
Now I have fewer works in progress. That makes me happy. I'm more like Leslie than Laura.
Most of my knitting time has very happily been test knitting for my sister's new company, Elderberry Farm. Can't wait to share with you the sweet thing on my needles. But, with great effort, I can almost keep a secret.
I cast off the Woodland Shawl on Thursday at Jean's knitting circle. Whew!
It took perseverance to keep picking this up. I like the pattern, I like the yarn. But I wasn't feeling the love. It helped to change needles and knit in the sun.
I will probably wear it lots with my new charcoal winter coat. Unfortunately I like wearing things that are rather boring to knit.
Sunday morning was the start of the Rotary Book Sale. Thousands of books for a dollar or two. Jean and I went at 7 am to get the best selection. I came in under budget and they all fit in the bags I brought. Even a few Folio editions- yay! I have so many books in my queue, I was reluctant to even go. But I'm happy I did. Nothing like a bargain with the proceeds going to charity.
Sunday afternoon was a great BBQ at the lake and a walk in the sun with friends. Warm and incredibly beautiful for October. Sorry about no pics. In the moment. Happy.
Don't change a thing.

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Anonymous said...

Love your Woodland Shawl. Lace is a bit of a mystery to me (still!)