Monday, December 20, 2010

How Smart Is That?

I finally found time (on the ferry picking up Scott) to knit on D's Christmas hat. It's in the Soak now. There has been lots of extra time in his home office, so I can't bring out the surprise knitting. This was a very satisfying knit. It used a sock club colour that I wasn't thrilled with ( I spent time wearing olive drab in the Medical Corps a long time ago) the ribbing was mindless and the decreases used a brilliant, balanced decrease pattern. It will look better on his head when the pointy top is stretche out.
When I am worried about not having enough time to finish all my Christmas knitting, I cast on another project. How smart is that? These mitts called to me from the Martha Stewart Living December issue. I liked the simple garter stitch with cables. I had blue fuzzy Shibui yarn, and Scott had bought his girlfriend a blue fuzzy hat. But garter in the round? What a pain. And like her baking recipes, Martha could use an editor to detect mistakes. Thankfully I am not a beginner knitter. I just have the thumb to go and then these will be blocked. But... I turned the mitt inside out to sew the ends in as I go (righteous smarty pants) and then cast on for the thumb. Yes, I cast it on inside out and had to carefully tink back to get going again. I'm working on them when I should be taking advantage of the empty house to finish other gifts.

Bunny slippers finished. The roving made great tails.
I bought buttons for eyes, but Emily is so good at getting personality from her stuffed knits, that I think I'll leave them sad and blind right now. Actually, right now they're wrapped and under the tree.

This is what I should be working on: a bulky cape from the new Interweave Knits Holiday issue. Just go ahead and cast on another project. I have knit both lace patterns once and just have to knit them both again and cast off. I hope she will like the rich burgundy colour that is not picked up in my photo. (ETA finished and blocking!)

And it's not too early to cast on January birthday presents. I bought these slipper soles in Oregon. And the handspun is from the amazing Wild Rivers Wool Factory. I had a lovely chat with the owner on our holiday and even tried a spinning wheel. I think this may have been spun by a beginner because it is not very even and it is overspun in places. I am spoiled by my sister's handspun.
These flat-knit socks are coming to work with me tonight. I want to work on my lace advent scarf, but I don't trust myself to read charts on night shift.

The butter tarts are made and ready for our Christmas Eve lunch. I'm working two nights and then not until the 30th. I've had a big break to get mostly healthy and will have a quiet day today with reading, knitting and the new Knit Girllls episode.
Hope your plans are going well. I'm so close, but I booked two night shifts. How smart is that?

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Anonymous said...

Think of your two shifts as time for someone else to get ahead on their Christmas projects! Sorry I cannot access my blogger account right now, need to tidy up a few issues as have not used it for a long time!All I have to report is a half finished scarf and two hats that will hopefully get mailed away in January!
C U Soon,