Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling Onceful

Spring has sprung, but I am struggling with getting anything accomplished.
 I am having little success in taking my own pictures. Road to Skye asked for some. Not only is today not a good day for photos, I'm may not even put makeup on. These are from a few weeks ago in the lovely lighting of our main bathroom.
 The cowl is Maximus. I bought the wrong yarn for the Encompass shawl and ended up with bulky instead of chunky. I rarely knit on that end of the scale. It was quick and easy and added to the gift drawer.
Today I hope to finish a few things: the Travelling Woman Shawl and the Log Cabin Blanket. I won't give you betting odds. I did buy the gorgeous new blanket from Mason Dixon and added my sheckles to over $2,250.00 in aid for Japan. I had already had my eye on the Kaffe Fasset Cross quilt and felt the allignment of the ideas.
I also cast on a second baby blanket for my Lenten knittin, the spiral pi this time in blue. I wanted something simple for my night shifts this week. It is left over from the blanket I didn't get to give to my Grandmother before she died. That one went to charity as well. These blankets will double as my gift on behalf of the Frecklebump.
Then I will still need to swatch for my next nephew sweater and roll up all the deliciousness that was stash enhancement this spring break.
Whew! I was lucky enough to find a break in the rain to walk the dog. My real motivation was to get enough knitting time to watch the Knit Girllls podcast. I am a fan and joined the block swap as well.
So maybe I am getting a bit of direction in my knitting. Now to set that on my volunteer work.


Anonymous said...

Anon here again, Thanks for the inspiration for Charity work - I am working on crochet dishcloths, hope to give them for Hospice thrift shop to sell as new product.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, LoriAngela. Love the cowl as well. x

Lia said...

Beautiful. I love the color.