Monday, July 03, 2006

Bushels of Bobbles

There are now two Baby Tart hats to send to charity. Thank goodness a lady in Massachusetts is also offering a nutrition course, because my stash is wool. Very little cotton. I don't cotton to knitting cotton.

My last mistake was a pretty big one! Mariah. Yes, the beautiful Jodi Green cabled zip hoodie. I knit it a size smaller to allow for my stupid gauge troubles, and it still stretched to one size too big. Blast! It's hard enough knitting for a teenage girl, but to have the angst of poor fit. Next time I'll knit it from Cascade 220.

What's very odd, is that since I complained about this sluggish program a few days ago, the thing has run like lightning. Weird. If I ask for better service at the Bay, do you think they will listen? I don't think so either.

I went to my local yarn shop today and left without a purchase. Brutal. I wanted some bulky Lopi or similar wool. Nada. And such a good sale. But not for special orders. I'm wondering if my poncho project shouldn't sit behind a few other things. I have a baby blanket to make for November and a little sweater for January, too.

I have two balls of wool from last summer for socks that I never made. Two balls of sock yarn does not make a big stash, I know. But I also have a 2 full sweaters of wool and at least 2 shawls. I'm trying to keep things simple. I have some big plans and I wonder if I'm just putting off starting, like James Joyce Ulysses. Just read it. Well, not until I read a few other things.

The hats are to be made from stash. That's a rule. And these baby hats are just the tip of the iceburg- more on that later. When I saw Stephanie's watermelon hat (again) I was tempted to buy some cotton in yummy colours, but that is not toward the purpose.

Actually most of my stash is natural ivory aran wool. I knit a lot of cabled sweater. I did play in a pipe band and I am married to a piper. I really can't get enough of the cables and variations. That's why I'm a big fan of Alice Starmore. D bought me three books at Highland Games last year. But not the Fishermans Knits. In a strange coincidence, my drumming friend in Bellingham has the same knitting books as me- almost to a one. Kindrend knitters.

Clapotis is ticking along. It's a bit mesmerizing. I won't be doing any bobbles again soon. Do remind me that the reason I dislike them is because they totally blow my hand. I woke in the night with burning pain in my index finger. The one I'm using right now. It's OK now. But I'm on a bobble diet.

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