Monday, July 10, 2006

From Party to Reality

Yesterday we had such a lovely party! The weather stayed warm and dry until we were done. My sisters were happy and laughing. Some of my nephews came to help us chow down on ribs and salmon. It was happy.
But today we have the floor workers here. Such noise! Such mess- and they're attempting to control it.

I'm not very successfully hiding in the sunroom, trying to research my homework. Week 10 of 12. Almost there. It's so very difficult to keep focused.

Tomorrow I shall retreat to the basement if I can get any time on the computer at all.

Clapotis is now in the decreasing phase. Coming along rather quickly, actually. I have a small project and then I think I'll start the tip down cabled raglan. The wool has been in a box under my desk to assert itself as the next project- for ages. Should I listen? Should I just leave it until I can no longer manage the harping? Should I stifle its cries by banishing it to the basement? At what point am I changing my own rules too much?

I should try to recreate the feelings of adoration I once held for this wool when I chose it and brought it home at 35% off. I was tickled. This is also the first sweater in a bigger project that I fear to begin because I may get swamped. I may succeed. Oh no. I need an artificial deadline that is reasonable enough to believe myself.

I could always create my own reality.

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