Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Choices, Choices

We've decided to get new flooring. Our white carpet, though of the highest quality, was never our choice. A decorator lived in this house before us and I have spent 9 years "undecorating"it. Warm, understated, flattering colours, with low contrast are what I have chosen. Items we have gathered on our travels and gifts from loved ones. Less stuff than we used to have.
So I want a floor that doesn't say "Wow! Look at that floor!" I want a floor that I can live with and that will withstand our rather hard use.

So I'm back to comparing beiges. It took me two years to pick the one on our wall. Wheat. But it is definitely the right choice. With our grey skies in winter, I need golden tones. But not outright yellow. Those of you who compare two white yarns will understand. It's the feeling, the mood.

Everyone is putting in hardwood. But I don't want it. I was relieved to know I had another choice that isn't loud on doggie nails, is soft and warm on feet and won't mind me scrubbing it.

And bonus- less vacuuming. I hate vacuuming. I especially hate vacuuming black dog hair from a white carpet. The irony is, she's afraid of the vacuum. Well, if you didn't shed so much...

The summer is in full fling, and I fight for my computer time to do my research and homework questions. Don't tell the family that I'm not studying right now. They're all playing on the drums with a computer program. Yes. This is peace and quiet for me.

I take my choices where I can get 'em.

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