Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In the Early Morning Rain

The heat has finally broken! It's raining again. I live in this Pacific Coast Rainforest in order to enjoy the warm, rich, moist air. My asthma does not like hot and dry or even cold and dry. So home should be perfect. But one of the first things we were told on global warming (in 1977) was that we were going to get someone else's weather.

Unfortunately, my house is ripped apart (slowly being put back together) by the floor layers and I am on my little covered porch with my fridge in the living room. Stressful disruption. Thank heavens I get internet this far from the router.

I apologize for the mistakes in the last post. I did immediately go back and fix them, but the program wouldn't accept the edit. It just smiled and said, "have a nice day" and then ignored me like a shop girl. I will work more diligently to edit before I post. Yes I can learn, just not everything at the same time.

My daughter returned to skating yesterday after a short break so... knitting at the rink. I'm almost finished Clapotis, so soft and lovely. Pics soon. I enjoy the visiting and the knitting, but not the cold, dry air.

Today is all about messy paperwork in a temporary space, and hopefully getting out to shop for new washer and dryer. My old ones aren't worth putting back. The laundry is piling up, and I won't be using the clothesline in this warm, heavy rain.

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