Sunday, July 02, 2006

Knitting in Circles

This is a little Baby Tart hat from knitty. It's to send to California when I get the address of the health instructor who's trying to help women in need.
Why did I struggle so much with this pattern? I cast on three times! The first time I ever twisted a circular knit! Eventhough I was in a rare state of solitude, watching a rare spate of TV of my own choice, I was flustered. Then I wouldn't let it go!
Maybe the neighbour's visitor's pit bull in my livingroom (twice!!) had me rattled. Thank heavens my own dog is not agressive and "Chaos" was relatively friendly. But come on. Control your dog. If only for his own safety. Naming a pit bull Chaos is asking for it. Those people with the little fluffly dogs who lunge at my still black giant while the owners sweetly account "He's such a bad baby". No you are a bad owner who is depriving him of a happy existence.
My own daughter is grounded right now for mouthing off at her Dad. We do not think that kind of assertiveness is cute, even in a young girl.
So I hope the new mommies can feel some strength in the gifts of hats that will be sent from all over the kingdom of knitting. The blessings for the future of their own little hopes and dreams.
I'm already knitting another one to further conquer my counting errors and focus my attention away from my own need to rest (bleeding nose) and my husband's sciatica.
A blessing for myself for this quiet Sunday.

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