Thursday, July 13, 2006


The workmen are gone, but I'm stuck with dirt and dust and filth. I swept the floors, after the 16 hour sealant drying time. I vacuumed the small amount of carpeting left and then had to remove all these gross spots. Yuck. The stair railing, fridge, baseboard, anything they touched is grimy and fingerprinted. I'm not a persnickety housekeeper, but I was a nurse, and I believe things need to be kept clean to last.

At least I have my little office back. I had to lug the furniture around myself. D is not around, and he hurt his back anyway. Grumpy bum. My cleaning list is almost complete. Then I add something. No!!!

Clapotis enjoyed watching Star Trek last night. She's all finished and rippling ocean colours in her silk beauty. I can't believe how easy it was to knit.

We're on the final season. I know, D's so impressed that we wathched ALL of the Voyager series. Don't worry. He bought the first few seasons of The Next Generation.
Some day I'll get to watch my PBS Jazz series again, and maybe some mysteries I borrow from the library. When is he going to the next Highland Games?

I'm running into the office to wash clothes. Whew. I'd better run and get the next load settled. Not really summer holidays is it? At least the kids are playing outside or in the basement and the workmen are not underfoot.

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