Monday, July 28, 2008

Birthday Fun

I owe you some knitting. It's rather slow and boring, but because of a Knit Night at J's house, including a fresh salmon dinner and Evelyn Waugh movie, I'm done the back of the Braided Blues sweater. I managed to complete the ribbing on the front. I love this varied blue dye on Cascade 220 heathers.
Nora Gaughan really knows how to make something new.
Mom took us out for lunch at Minter Gardens. On the far right is her friend of many years (can't say old friend or really old friend) who has a birthday the same day as mine. We often include her and her husband. I grew up playing with her son and several other families before we moved to the farm.
These are great kids. Emily gave me a new header for my blog and together they gave me a hedgehog charm and Purdy's hedgehog chocolates (filled with hazelnuts justlike real hedgehogs) and a glass charm for my Pandora bracelet. Two of my friends want to get one now.
Friday was lunch with the book club. Diana gave me the most wonderful flowers from our favourite florist, Quick Pick. April gave me a perfect makeup case and Jean found a signed copy of "A Whistling Woman" form one of my favourite authors, A.S. Byatt.
I feel suitably spoiled and rather exhausted because we also fit in a baby shower and a fiftieth wedding anniversary this weekend. Dan came home about 1030 pm and gave me tickets to King Lear at Bard on the Beach in Vancouver for the end of August when I'm done my exams. My favourite play. Yay. Thanks for the good wishes.

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