Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sensory Goodness

Dream in Colour Smooshy in really blue. I do love blue. It is a semi solid and so soft. The Noro isn't soft, but it has a treasure of colours clamboring to get free.
I have spent too many hours chained to my books. Thursday is Pharmacology. But Friday will be too because I have a big exam.
Yesterday I printed out all the readings for my last Re-entry to Practice Theory section. It was seriously 4 inches high. I used every sheet of paper in the house so Dan had to bring more home. I'm already almost half way because it's really interesting. I'm so all over the philosophy of care giving.

The corn is higher. It smells so green. I didn't take a picture today, but some of it is up to my head. You know what that means: my birthday is soon. We always wonder if the corn will grow quickly enough to reach my head by my birthday. It always does. Some years we're eating corn as early as Canada Day, but not this year. I can't eat corn anyway, but I can serve it. Our rule when I was growing up was that you had to have the water boiling before you picked the corn so that it was truly fresh. We also took our bowls of icecream out into the strawberry patch.

Tonight Dan walked with me around the big block. 5 km. It's the first time since March a year ago. My feet are definitely healin and there is hope that I won't be as big as a house and as weak as an old lady. I always seem to be at the beginning end of a plan.

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Life's a Stitch said...

When I lived in Nebraska, I thought it would be a great place to introduce someone, who had never seen it before, to the colour green. The fields had every variation of green possible and I know just what you mean about the scent of green.