Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Signs of Summer

She was fashionably late, but we're enjoying her company. This is the picture from my bedroom window, including screen.
I only just changed the bedding from suede-like covering,

to embroidered linen. Seriously, it was too cold last week.
The afghan on the bottom of the winter bed may be one of the best things I ever knit. Eventhough I crocheted it. D. and I have different internal temperatures and it has been a marriage saver. He's so warm and I'm so cold that we would have ended up in different rooms. We were given a blue and pink acrylic ripples one for a wedding gift,
but I grewout of the colour scheme. This one was one of my first real wool projects.
I have given a few afghans as wedding gifts.
When it's really hot, we hide in the basement and watch videos- great knitting evenings.

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Angie said...

Love the laundry photo.

I need to find a summer bedcover. I like your afghan---it sounds very cozy.