Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finished (This Portion)

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed with being in the middle of so many big projects- especially my studies. But last night I wrote another big exam and I have only one sectionleft in the Theory course. It's on community nursing and pretty interesting.
I finished the July square for the aran afghan and took them out to have a look.
Carly liked them too. I obviously have some serious blocking to do, but I think, with seed stitch sashing, it should work out much as I planned. 12 squares, each 12 inches square. It has to be long enough for a guy who's stretching over 6'2" already.
The wools are all left over from aran sweaters I've knit. I'm collecting all the patterns in a notebook. Not that I would ever knit it again, but I'm enjoying the reflection part of this long project. I have a few choices for next month's block.

There's a lot to be said for making a reasonable commitment. I could have knit the whole thing full-bore. But with 12 blocks, it was obvious to just pick away at it. Scott doesn't graduate till June, so I have time to make the sashing and stitch it up. The first thing I did (after gathering the aran stash) was buy a basket that I like to look at. It is part of the art in my sun room.

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LNS said...

Oh wow! It's so lovely, even without the blocking. Maybe someday I'll have that sort of patience and skill :-)