Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chronic Studies

This week I had to delve deeply into studies of chronic pain (again). The school where I studied, Foothills Hospital School of Nursing is now closed, outdated by other education models. But our approach to pain and comfort measures was years beyond its time. As early as my sixth month in training, I was lucky to be working on a cancer unit and working with a multi-disciplinary team to focus on quality of life and even a "good death". Unfortunately this did not prepare me to work in a quasi-rural hospital in my home town.
I have experience chronic pain. I even have to be careful how much I work on a keyboard (gave up piano), garden or chop and fuss in the kitchen. I have to protect my hand for knitting.
I have recently begun to conquer the foot thing. My goal is to walk my 5km block at least 3 times a week. I may get there this week. At the end of August I hope to achieve the unimaginable- a hike up "Teapot Hill". In the past I have taken four-year olds. But in this last year and a half it was totally out of my reach. I'll certainly take pictures.

These experiences will make me a more empathetic nurse.

Everliving pain
A grey cat
Sitting on my armchair
Following me about the house
Always seeking attention.
Ready to be stroked after distraction,
Jumping up after its nap.
Companion of time.
Attending all endeavors
Familiar to the black dog.

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Angie said...

Beautiful prose (it that the correct word?).