Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cool Basement

Another past afghan. This one won first prize in the fall fair when I was a member of the Women's Institute. I should let sam (of Daily Chum) know about that. 1990? The needle point cushion is from Beatrix Potter and stitched up quickly when my kids were rugrats and fascinated with Lego.
The alphabet is coming now. Sometimes Ihave to ask D to rewind the video because I'm working with a chart. I love the Shepherd baby wool and the Addi's together. The cushion was an experiment to see if I could live with the green all over this house when we were waiting for our bid to be accepted. I did live with it for 8 years. But I'm much happier with my butter and cream colours.

The other knitting is the beginning of a fixation monkey and the ribbing of a plain back- acre of stocking stitch again. Thay are in my bag, but have not been invited anywhere. Too much studying.

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