Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer Social

What a busy weekend. After turning every down and turning everyone away during the week so I could study more, I had a houseful. Saturday was the baby shower. We planned it months ago to coincide with the new mom's finishing work and still waiting for the baby. I think it's important to distract the mom and let her know that we care about her and not just the baby. Well, baby came early- at the end of their last prenatal class when they were touring the maternity ward. Baby was small and beautiful and we even let him come to the shower.
This time it was just ladies, mostly from the vet clinic. Some had never met this great new mom and we didn't want to have to make manly food or giant portions or listen endlessly to cow surgery stories. What I thought would be a small gathering was closer to 20. I picked some of my roses. The dish is from Greendale potteries- crystal created in the kiln, and a woderful hostess gift. Gee thanks.
One of my friends brought these delights on a matching antique platter. Wow.

On Sunday we had friends from "the city". Their little boy was fascinated by my Scott's playing Rachmoninov. I always am, too. The little guy liked our big back yard and our big black dog.

And there was knitting. On the way to the Bellingham airport (about an hour) I was able to start the cabling on the Braided Blues sweater. I expected to drive, but D missed the kids and offered to do the driving. Win-win. They had an awesome time building a house for a single mom in a migrant labour camp.

The stocking stitch was so fast, but this sure slowed me down. Plus it's a bit hard on my hands. But I've decided to knit the cables on the front and the back, too because who am I to second guess Nora Gaughan? I love this Cascade 220 heathers that I got half price on Boxing Day.

Our TV is in the basement and we gather as a family in the evening to watch vids. We had two episodes of Lost to catch up with the kids- perfect for getting back to the alphabet blanket. I will show you when I finish this row of letters.

No socks. Gauge crappy. I'm going to try to use my last ball of Mountain colours- red to make monkeys. But I want them just a little smaller than the pedicure ones. The jaywalkers are just a titch short in the toe, so they'll go to my cowboy sister for her January birthday. No I haven't started knitting for Christmas. Actually, I don't think I shall anymore. Nothing more than hats and scarves, anyway.

I'm preparing my Olympic knitting. I will be resurecting a UFO in order to retrieve my needles. August 7th is the start date. If I can get enough studying done, I can devote myself to that awkward sideways beautiful blue mohair fleece artist shawl. I hope when I 'm done I'll know what to do with it.

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