Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Exploits

Fulfilling the requirements of exploiting summer, we are eating fresh cherries and blueberries, out of doors. When I was young we just spit the pits out, but this is my yard and I'll be stuck cleaning them up.

The obligatory painting of the posts. This is the sign of our house because we're tucked in behind a little house. Actually the little house is new, but it blocks the road sounds and adds to our privacy. When I was young, I painted "miles" of fence. I don't remember doing the sanding and cleaning before hand. Emily was given the task of the poles and now she's done.
This is Bacon Boy. Still without a job. Not so good. We had to try Angie's Hot Bacon Dressing f (from Purling Oaks). We don't have bacon. I was a Weight Watchers leader for years and just kept some things out of the house. When we were in Scotland last year, Scotty could get bacon on everything. So we called him Bacon Boy and now he can cook it really well (D and I have trouble). We have offered to bring a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato salad up to Grandma's for the next clan gathering.
Another long-term project. I have been picking away at this book for over a year and I'm finished. Some of it is out of date, but I love what it says about Canadians, so I hope the others love what it says about them. I have had more than an incomplete education, but I'm not done yet. This week I'm studying Mental Health. They mean illness. When the nursing text says comfort, it means pain. That's just our spin. Last section in this theory course, hammer out the Pharmachology and I may have some time to knit.

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