Friday, July 11, 2008

In the Midst

I'm halfway through the alphabet blanket. I swear it wasn't sideways when I uploaded it. I'm OK with this long project. Back to knitting it infront of the TV. I'm just second guessing if it will be used or if it will disintigrate like my Pacific Coast Shawl (sigh).
I have to finish one chapter today and then one more and I can write my 7th and second-last exam. My brain is sore and refusing to absorb any more information. I am panicking that I won't get the last section done in a month. In the beginning they only took 2 weeks! I'm not sure I want it so badly now, but damned if I'm going to do all this work for nada. I hate the idea of juggling IV's and patients and post-ops. I don't want to work in the hospital.
So I started block 7 of the aran afghan. This one will be from my first real masterpiece- a sweater that D refuses to wear. I made baby Scotty a matching one. Now I'm doing the afghan for a grad present next year. He applied for a job at the local movie theatre. I hope he gets it and gets to work with nice people.

Early birthday present. Picture also skewed- no I wasn't drinking this morning, although my brain is sore from studying. It's Knitter's Stash by Barbara Albright. A brilliant book that I've taken out of the library many times. We were in Barnes and Noble before we picked up the kids. Was that a week ago? He's away on my birthday (again) at a highland games in Seattle. Not even near Seattle, really, but that's what we call it.

We're all going to the Mount Vernon games tomorrow. I'm looking forward to my first one in two years. Last year my feet wouldn't allow me. I'm not drumming anymore, my kids aren't in it and I don't have any students. Why bother the long noisy day? But this is a great games, the town has 2 great wool shops and our friends host a BBQ after. Good old friends. Ones we have travelled with in the band for so many years. It should be a good time. I'll be designated driver.

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