Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Answers- The Hard Way

Or: Doesn't That Sleeve Look Big To You?Yes. I found the reason why my stocking stitch was "rowing out". The needles were too big for the yarn. Oh, and by the way, the needles are too big for the gauge. Seriously: 16 instead of 19 stitches for 4 inches.
I swear I got gauge to begin with. I was so certain. I even made a note and wrote it on the pattern.
Apparently this sleeve can't read.
I started over, and everything looks so much better (except the completed back). I'm way more into knitting it with this nice hand. My mom likes to talk about the soil having "tilth". This sleeve has good tilth.
I have been doing a bit of surfing. Not a lot. Well, maybe more than a bit. I really encourage you to start your surfing from the Twist Collective ( http://twistcollective.com/2009/spring/magazinepage_01.php) pages. Wonderful colourful waves.
http://blog.morkland.org/?p=341. I already have the wool for the mitts. Perhaps I should start the hat first. I needed a hat really badly this morning. Minus 8 with a cold east wind. The dog loves it, but we cut a few corners on our walk and I didn't encourage anyone else to go out into it.
The choir I played drum with won gold and has been invited to the final concert. I hope they can get everyone. My best friend's son has wrapped up the high piano awards and I'd like to watch him collect the big silver trophies and hear him play his concerto. But that means I have to drum again and I hurt my hand last night, trying to do some rifs. It was great unbridled fun.

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