Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fibres West

I had so much fun yesterday in Abbotsford at Fibres West. This is the first time I have been surrounded by real knitters who speak my language. The bag of rovings represents for me how open and casual the gathering was (is, it's going on today, too).
I bought a row counter for a friend. It's another one from my nephew, Tim that I bought at the Twist of Fate booth.

Where I got to play with my niece, Caroline. She is making glass knitting needles (electric tree glass) and has no fear with knitting and spinning, eventhough she has just begun this year.

There were tons of special yarns, all available to me "locally". I can hardly stand it. Valley Yarns is an on-line store with great selection, and I won't hesitate to order from her such goodies as this Casbah. I hope to make an entrelac scarf for a grad present.

Erin at Twist of Fate had this Naturally on sale. Sadly discontinued, it's enough to make my first design. Emily doesn't like the colour, but I'm trying to be brave and branch out a little. Who doesn't like gold?

It was exciting to get my own ravelry pin and meet others. The ladies at Fun Knits hosted the table for ravelers.
I went with my nursing friend, Eleanor, who is inspired to pick up the needles again. She even met an old friend there.

I was able to pick up the needles and knit a few rows on the little blue sweater while listening to the lovely Ivan from the Vancouver lace club. I bumped into a friend from church who turns out to be a weaver and a bobbin lace maker. Wow, I hope to learn a bit from her.
I finished the baby sweater last night and ventured on with the aubergine Bristow .

With the shaping and the cabling and the eyelet, I'm having to pay pretty close attention. I have set up a knitting plan to juggle the few projects I have on the needle in an attempt to become more efficient.
A lot of my "knitting" is surfing on your blogs, looking at patterns, dreaming of new ideas. Perhaps efficiency is the wrong approach. How about more time on the needles using the wool?

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