Friday, March 06, 2009

Not Just Sitting Still

I've been sitting and seaming. The afghan is now together in one spot and waiting for me to add the border. I'll probably pick up and knit seed stitch, if I can get the pick up tidy. I figure three stitches for four rows. It's very warm as I've discovered while working on it in our cold basement. D has been very busy lately: work and piping. I have been indulging in mysteries on DVD from our library. But I've been falling asleep rather earlier than is good for following the story.

This is an abacus bracelet. I was reminded of it when I was watching Madagascar 2 with the kids. The penguins just kill me. Their statistician just looks at the abacus and says "six weeks".

It's from this site: I used what I had in my modest bead box. I had to do the little elastic of beads twice. I hope it's small enough now and the glue holds.

Then I started playing. These are stitch markers for dummies. What does this marker mean?

And just for fun. One for me and one for Jean. Don't worry, she doesn't read this or any other blogs. I'll slip it to her during one of our great knitting sessions.

Oh, and look at the leaf bead. You know how it goes with the magpie in gear. This is me practising the most difficult of patterns: random. Let go. They're just beads. Go for the sparkly.

Now is the time for me to get to all those things I couldn't do while studying. I'd rather be working (I know, it's very strange for me, too). I hope my nephew will lend me his bass guitar. That's been a dream of mine since 2ooo. Plus I got a found a bunch of reels to play on the flute. I even walked with my nursing friend along the river, despite the early snow, we had a lovely time.

Real pussy willows along the Chilliwack River.

I'm off to walk the dog in the crisp sunshine again because the snow is coming. D says it won't stick, but it is disturbing. I want to garden, but can't trim my roses until the forsythia bloom. I won't even make up a flower pot for the front door until the warning is past.
Now I'll try to get a grip on the shaping of the back of my aubergine Bristow. Then I can frolick in the cables of the sleeves.


Angie said...

The row counting bracelet is lovely and a very nice idea. Thank you for the link.

Pussy willows! A lovely sign of Spring.

Life's a Stitch said...

Spring shming - I can't believe the snow we've had today. Brrrrr.

That abacus bracelet seems like a good idea. I've got tiny little wrists compared to the rest of me so I'll be looking for smaller beads.