Saturday, March 07, 2009

i don't know

There has been lots of excitement at our house. Not enough to have pictures download upside down, but lots.
Two new iphones and a blackberry.

There has been much texting. Oh, and new glasses.

And even words spoken under breath when words do not text simply.
I still have my old dinosaur phone for a year. But I do, do, do like the iphone. I'm trying to convince D that he should have gotten a blackberry and I'll pick up the leftover iphone.

He has agreed to share the phancy camera. I'm not sure how long before I have improved images to share with you. But it gives me something to play with while the others are texting each other.

I have been invited to play my little drum with one of the local choirs in our Music Festival. Paula is a great choir director and I was in her Festival Chorus for a few years. It was a very tight squeeze with skating and soccer and D on call on Monday nights. I had to step down and tried flute instead. Now she has 3 choirs, one for ladies and the one I'm to join, an Intergenerational Choir. I'd like to sing with one, perhaps in the future.
But today I will practice an african song with them using my djembe. It is from Ivory Coast. I went to a workshop where we made our own of drums that had broken hides. We soaked the (very stinky) goat skins and stretched them and tightened them.
I was so excited that the rope is Kitchener stitch!!!!!
But the hides were from Africa (not enough goats in the Fraser Valley?!!) and were impregnated with the indigenous Anthrax. Yes, the same as the terrorist white powder! One of the ladies had something like flesh eating disease. Plus her skin was too small, so I laced it into my drum!! Health Canada said they would come by to incinerate my drum.
I was lucky that it was wet and stinky and set on a high shelf in the garage until it was ready to shave. I was frustrated that they didn't understand the concept of double bagging. I was so sad to lose my little drum.
But about 4 months later, the fellow who led the workshop sent out a replacement drum. So I didn't make this one, but it is the replacement for the one I made.

The back of Bristow was finished at Orchestra practice today and I cast on the sleeve. Frolick, frolick. But there won't be much knitting tonight because I can't knit at the concert. We're very excited about this youth orchestra, such an opportunity, but lots of work, too.

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