Thursday, March 19, 2009


As a left handed child, I was a real challenge to teach to knit. My grandmother Donnelly spent more than one turn at it, one of the kinder things she did in my life. My mother was an expert knitter and I remember her sereptitiously knitting jackets for my sister and I in maroon with pale blue paper cutout dolls around the edge. My two older sisters showed me over and over, let me knit a few stitches on their projects, and also ripped back and fixed my mistakes.
But it was this publication from McCalls that cemented the process. I was probably 8 (and later 10). Mom's paperback is probably lost to the gods of moving house, but this old book was a gift from my MIL who can craft but chooses not to. She cooks, which is OK.
I was surfing Ravelry for a bag inspiration when I came across My Constant Companion from Knitter's Stash. By "my" My Constant Companion was not there. No old pictures, so I took a new one. My old paper knitting diary says I fininshed it in September 05. I really love it (after I lined it) and lots of my friends and their friends have made them after meeting mine. The pin is from Russia, my sister Pat and her husband Abraham have been involved in PanArctic art exhibits. Pretty cool. Pat is a spinner, weaver, and knitter of the finest colourwork. Her daughter has lately thrown herself into the knitting universe and I shall see her tomorrow at the Fibres West exhibition in Abbotsford.

This is my own LYS, the Chilliwack Wool and Craft Store. It is so bright and tidy that at first I didn't believe it was a wool shop. Susan is one of the owners and they have worked hard to provide the kinds of yarns and needles that my friends and I love. Crystal Palace and Noro in Chilliwack! They have nice sales on Canada Day and Boxing Day and have just received their biggest shipment of the year. Hanne leads classes and there is a Tuesday night club that I haven't been able to join because of music commitments. But they welcome me as a native and I can go there to just knit and visit.

The March baby sweater is coming along- great pattern to share next time. I'm practicing visiting with friends who have been neglected in my year of study. Boy it sure takes up a lot of time. Hopefully some of it will double as knitting time.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I was so excited when the McCalls would arrive at my house. Remember Betsy McCall?