Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time to Learn

I am still filling my own time while I wait to start work. I forged ahead on the sleeve of Bristow and overcame someof my math challenges (as well as the need to look busy in front of my family). I am knitting this sweater for me, so I keep feeling it's not as important as other things in my life. But with my knitting skills, I should be able to knit a sweater to fit me. How will I be able to do that if I don't practice and make mistakes and learn how to correct them.

Plus I learned how to link in my blog!!! This is a long-wished-for-skill. Uncle Frank would say, what's stopping you? I was jealous that my neice, who only started knitting and blogging has totally rocked her blog. I was just about to ask her how to do it- in a whiny voice- when I thought I'd check the help menu. How about that? Her blog is electric tree and I put it on my blog roll on the side (eventhough she lurks and doesn't comment). Love you.
D got his computer back from out IT guy. It was salvageable and now connects to his iphone. He was mighty stressed out about the blue screen after all the updating etc.

Yesterday's walk showed some real signs of spring. But today is raining. I'm going to go to the wool shop to connect with some knitter and maybe return some cotton that didn't work.

Lastnight's Honours Concert of the Music Festival was super. I kept the beat on the hand drum and even slipped in the riffs. I'm so proud of my friends who taught them and the young musicians who worked to hard.

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electrictree said...

OK Fine! I will comment! Thanks for the link!
I am very jealous of all the's still snowy, cold and yucky here!
Also the word verification for this comment is the best yet! It is "zingle"! I am going to try to use that in a sentence today...