Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Next Step

I am cheered. Eventhough it's still a bit chilly, I planted my front door pots to give you a welcome.Can you see the giant half-frozen raindrops? They're white streaks. Robin In the Rain was one of my favourite songs to sing in Grade One. There are dozens of robins huddling infront of the neighbour's house when the wind pick up. There's no room for them in the back because the ducks are getting very bold.

And the aran afghan is in its epic blocking. A total stash buster. I still have small balls of yarn, but the big basket is empty. The border alone took two skeins. These are all mismatched from my former sweaters and blankets. I have a thing for Irish cable sweaters, but then, I'm Irish (mostly).
Late last night I got an email from the registered nurses college. They found my file and will set up a temporary license right away. I don't know what that means in linear time, but it's better than "it may take months" which was the discouraging news at the beginning of the week.
Now my projects take on a different light from the view of returning to the medical/palliative floor that has so generously left open my .6 part-time job.
I have been diligent (for a whole day) in my healthy eating/active plan for Spring Into Summer.
I have been a weight watchers leader, but have been unable to focus on diet since I let myself be buffeted by daily stress.
Write down what I eat- no cheating on yourself.
Veggies, veggies, veggies.
Tiny treat each day ( one ounce chocolate OR small glass of red wine).
Move every day.
In spring there is hope.

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LNS said...

That's an awe-inspiring afghan! I'm glad spring is making its way up to Canada, those planters look lovely and a person can only enjoy snow for so long :-)