Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thankless Job

I thought I would feel good when I finished painting the baseboards. It's a good recession renovation: just take the paint from the garage and use.
But my family feels very strongly about preparing surfaces for painting, so I'm stiff all over from washing walls and sanding. The finished effect is pleasing- but very subtle.
It's like weaving ends in when you finish a knitting project. I wove in many ends last night while watching Twilight with Emily. The aran afghan is finished and needs just a light blocking. But I can't access the floor until the painting is finished and cleared away and the carpet is vacuumed. Darn that dog hair.
Still "frolicking" in the second sleeve of Bristow. Then I have to reknit the back in the correct gauge.
I did wind up some alpaca and the Handmaiden, so I may try to get out of this funk with a little startitis.
I am joining the Spring Into Summer endeavour. I have gained 10 pounds since I last stepped on a scale and am horrified and discouraged. Perhaps the encouragement of gentle knitters will help me to choose better meals while continuing my increased activity. The studying really held me back, as well as health troubles. But I need to work through those so I have the peace of mind to sit and knit.


electrictree said...

Your baseboards look awesome!

2 yummy food things that are healthy-Kashi granola bars (cherry dark chocolate) and those microwaveable Italian Wedding Soup Healthy Request thingies from Campbells...love Italian Wedding Soup!
Can you email me the recipe for those muffins you brought to the festival?
*wanders off to figure out button thingy on blog...*

17th stitch said...

Just curious... what did you think of Twilight?

LoriAngela said...

I had heard a lot about Twilight because of the 16 year old girls I'm around (plus quite a few of the nurses). I listened to Sage Turtle's review which was hilarious, though scathing. I didn't get through the audio book, but I thought the movie was beautifully filmed. I'm a bit worried about the idealization of a "protective" male, but the discussion isn't over yet.

Life's a Stitch said...

No. It's worse than weaving in ends. I feel your pain.

LNS said...

*Adds 'paint the baseboards' to the To Do list* grumble.

I've been meaning to do mine, I just don't want to, haha.