Thursday, March 12, 2009

Left To My Own Devices

I finally carved out some uninterrupted time to knit and listen to Elizabeth Hay's "Late Nights On Air". It's a great audio book set in Yellowknife and I'm finally catching on to the charms of this cable pattern.
I love how it is a bit open between the pairs. The zig zags help keep you on the right row, and the little yarn over adds a feminine touch.

I seem to be blessed with a crop of thank-you cards lately. Two for knitting gifts. It helps in these last cold days. Tomorrow is supposed to go up to 10 degrees and then give us the rains. It has been too cold to garden with this arctic front. But the sunshine is teasing. When it warms up, the gardening will be pretty soggy.

The aran afghan is my "incidental knitting". These hair clips really helped with seaming. But now I know how to make a better seam. Thanks Sam, (Lime & Violet Chum) but I'm a bit bitter that I'm already past that step. Vices and devices.

The seedstitch border is knitted on- I decided the ridge on the back would look like a frame and help with stability (sure). It sits downstairs with the TV and I can pick it up at any time and do a bit. One side is completed. This will help it be finished before June when Scott will get it as a grad present. He has been accepted in Computer Engineering in UVic. Yay! The ferry is a bit of a pill, but we have lots of friends and family on Vancouver Island and know he will be happy in the smaller, personal campus.

This is how my dog shows her music appreciation. When I am practicing flute, she makes a snoring sound and balances on her backbone- no small feet for a four-footed 110 lb big black dog. I had trouble getting a picture, because when I stop playing, she rolls over. She especially likes my Bach and the Rankin reels.

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