Monday, July 06, 2009

But Then Again

I am decidedly indecisive. I am trying to deny that I am under the weather, because it is just a little below my normal, and the weather has changed. The corn is already up to my shoulder which means my birthday is soon. But I have lots of night shifts before that.I did upgrade my office radio. This is the old beast. See the big speakers? It used to mean bigger sound. The 5 CD player hasn't worked in years. We were forced to put all our CDs on MP3. Then I got a cheap chord to link to my ipod and we didn't even use the MP3s.

So for half price, less than half the size of one speaker, I have a new radio for my CBC addiction. It also charges my ipod instead of draining it. Yay. My inner design maven has had my eye on this baby for about a year.

But the Hey Teach is tricking me. I count the stitches and I'm wrong. I rip back and realize I was right. How long should it be? Ever have those Willie Wonka measuring tapes that don't show the same number twice. I am of two minds: put it aside until my IQ improves (maybe after my birthday), or finish it because it is supposed to be a quick and easy knit. If I were to rewrite this pattern, I would account for the uneven stitches and incomplete lace panels. Just saying.

I haven't been sleeping well because D bought an airconditioner and my sleeping self thinks I am either in a hotel room or the London Underground. Possibly during an air raid. Very distressing. I have a friend whose husband is quite unwell and is expected to either stay that way or die unexpectedly. He's in my dreams a lot and not happy. I thought I'd knit him a blanket/prayer shawl for the next time he's in hospital. I like the idea of Li's Bobby Blanket.

But it was a Sunday and the wool shops weren't open and I had to check my stash anyway. I don't want to knit with acrylic, but it would be more practical than the handspun yarn I rolled into balls until I was so totally overheated in the July afternoon. (IQ again).

I did find some Bernat Cashmere at clearance when I was getting film developed and cast on a cozy with big needles. If the first ball gives me 10-12 inches, I'll continue with the rest of the 7.

But what I really want to do is knit for my dear friend who is having trouble balancing the negative (but nicely meant) comments from the seniors with the medical jargon and the good friends who want to listen to her and encourage them. When nursing and medicine cannot help, I hope that knitting can comfort.

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Life's a Stitch said...

Ah ha ha, I'm listening to CBC as we speak.

That pattern is great for a prayer blankie. Go for it.