Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dream Knitting

I'm making my very own Clapotis. This is the first pattern I drooled over when I discovered Knitty.com about 2 1/2 years ago. I love the idea of careless elegance.
I guess it's a matter of opposites attract. I'm a big farm girl who was not out of place in the Reserve Forces Medical Corps. I always played with the boys because my next oldest sister (only 18 months between us) was a real tomboy. Her nickname was Moose. I had to let my ballerina dreams lie dormant or get a punch in the arm.
Now I'm over 40, I can dream generously and recklessly.
So I bought some beautiful Fleece Artist Hand Dyed Kid/Silk 2 Ply at Knitopia in White Rock. It took me over two years to get to that store. But it was worth the wait. My daughter had a figure skating competition in South Surrey and I insisted we stop afterward.
What dreamy ocean colors, soft hand and easy to slide yarn. Thank-you Nova Scotia, and I hope one day (another dream) to visit you.
The nice lady at the shop (Pat?) knew what I was talking about. My mom is a knitter of old Patons baby clothes and the the ocassional sweater, but her mouth was open as we discussed lace and knitty and clapotis. Our guide said she had knit FIVE Clapotis! My new best friend (Pat?). She helped me choose the perfect soft wool and enjoyed my victory with me.
That was only in May, and I'm already beginning. I'll be taking it with me to Vancouver today. That's my Lantern Moon knitting bag I bought last year at Urban Yarns at the gates of UBC. I love knitting on the #1 Trans Canada Highway. My husband gets car sick so he always drives. Maybe that's why I married him. D is 44 today. Happy Birthday. We're going into the city to have dinner with a classmate from vet school who's doing a course here.
I'm happy to have some time with him after a few busy weekends and before a few more busy weekends.
The kids can walk home from school and let themselves in. Can they behave appropriately for that long? My mom is just down the street and we have the best neighbours. And I have a cell phone. This is new freedom. Their dreams coming true. At 15 and 13, it is time to begin.
So can I contain myself until I reach the rows which drop stitches?! I hope the fuzziness isn't too much of a hindrance. Either way, this is my firts Clapotis. I'm allowed to make mistakes. No one will get hurt. Knitting dreams are soft and safe.

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Lara said...

I just want to say thanks for all of your comments and good feelings about my show, math4knitters. It's people like you that make it worthwhile for us.