Monday, June 19, 2006

Ritual Endings

Tomorrow is the last day of middle school classes for my two kids. Every year, before the great egress, my friend and I go on a road trip. We want to go every week, every month, every season. But with our "sherpa" duties, we don't have that kind of opportunity.
Today it was Langley, about 60 minutes west, toward Vancouver.
We only made it to Starbucks and Winners. That's 5 hours of bargain shopping in only one store. She's a brilliant shopper and spender. I try to stretch my Canadian Tire dollars to buy a handbag or shoes- at least they'll fit. I found some wonderful *pink* Dr.Scholl's sandals, just like my big sisters used to wear. The rule now is I can only buy it if I can't live without it. I also bought some Christmas presents. I know. I have a sickness. But the bargoons!
The kids still have one day of school left. But the drum kit arrived today. D. bought it on ebay. I was worried. It arrived unassembled. I was worried. We have many skills and talents but handy-man is not in the inventory. It's lucky I let my son bring his friend over. 14 years old, just over 4 feet tall, and he just swoops in, taking things off, puts things upside down and KABOOM - a drum set. And kaboom,boom,boom.
We have learned in our house to never wait for quiet for your turn to practice. It's good to be able to play the piano while your dad is playing bagpipes, or to play flute while the trumpets and trombone are practicing. Good for focus.
I didn't manage to mail my "knit a river" squares, so I'll share them with you in the hopes that you'll make one too. Or two too.

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