Monday, June 26, 2006

We Have Ladders

I was so comforted to have time lastnight to sit and knit a bit. Eventhough my computer was all clogged up and slow, I managed to get The Age of Innocence on my ipod to knit in the shade a little in the afternoon. After the Youth Group dance (phew! energy!), I hidey-holed in the TV room in the cool of the basement and watched Upstairs Downstairs. That's more my speed.
I love borrowing DVDs and audio books from the library. I am still working out the kinks with the internet borrowing of audio books. I think they can now be heard through itunes, but not by me just yet.
So I made it to the first two ladders. Not quite the adventure of steeking, still dropping stitches on purpose does require the fortification of a glass of wine. This kid-silk does cling a bit, but just enough to not rip down so quickly I jump to catch it. Yummy. Like broomstick lace a little, don't you think?
This week will be quieter, I hope. But I always say that.
Off to practice my flute for a little recital tonight. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the scarf I made my teacher.

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