Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Relentless Persuit of Beauty

Maybe that's why we knit. We are searching for the beautiful, surrounding ourselves in sensory stimulating colour and texture.
I did not knit today. I did not read or write. I did not make music. I didn't do my homework. I walked my 5km with my big black lab. I did the crossword puzzle. I ran around doing errands that may have been able to wait but were niggling at my mind. I walked in my rose garden.
I tried to create some order in this transitional week. That in itself can be a bit of beauty.
I also listened to Knitwit podcast. Carry is very sincere and tells a good story. That was my disengagement while I walked. I worry that I should have only music or silence while I am spending my victory hour with myself. But I yearn for a connection with others who share my passions. Listening to another knitter, or writer gives me the seed of community.
This blog is another step toward joining the on-line community of knitters who have encouraged me and made me laugh at myself, challenged me and left me in the dust over the last few years.
Is it wrong to be a lurker? I wonder if it's just a bit too voyueristic after this many months of addiction to the Yarn Harlot and Dogs Steal Yarn. If I am not a contributer, do I get to share in the joy of her perfect baby?
Maybe it was the nifty ipod. Thank-you Todd Mafin for explaining it all so clearly on CBC Radio. Maybe it was the sweet tiny camera I was given for Mothers' Day. I am so very inspired by the pictures on January One. (I will learn to put in links, but not at 11:00pm).
The signs have been leading me to this form of journalling. I have kept a journal off and on since I was about 10 years old and read Harriet the Spy. There was no lesson to learn in that book except that writing is breathing.
This is a new form of breathing. I am getting good oxygen from the web.
So now, eventhough it is too late, I will pick up my sticks, listen to Yoyo Mah's cello suites and settle my thoughts from my just concluded long meeting. Perhaps then I shall dream of beauty.

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failbetter on ravelry said...

Oh, Harriet the spy!! How I admred and copied her when I was 10. But it took me longer to find my own voice, and I don' t have that journalling stamina. Am so enjoying sharing yours,