Saturday, June 17, 2006

tricked again

I was just trying to encourage Lara at Math4knitters and the next thing I know, I'm signing up for a blog. It really wasn't painful. I've been following them since I found Life's Stitch a couple of years ago.
Have they ever helped me become more adventurous in my knitting and feel more connected from my lonely rural knitting chair. I have surfed for knitting shops in several cities and even ordered wool over the net.
Right now I have a black Kiri blocking on the livingroom floor. My big sister is turning 50 next month and I wanted to make her something special. She's not a non-knitter, but she hasn't knit for years. She's one of the people who tried to teach me to knit. They all failed. And she's the reason I think it's normal to knit in the summer. When I was little, she knit on the porch in a bikini. I have pictures.
I read blogs and enjoy podcasts. No I won't be so easily tricked into one of those.
Next to me are my two new marvelous mitered squares which are soon on their way from Sardis, BC, Canada to London. How exciting. "Wish I Had a River". Did you sing Joanie Mitchell as you knit yours?
I was supposed to be in London this summer, too. But we couldn't get enough piper for a band. Long story.
Hope to meet some of those amazing knitters through this format.

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