Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sudden Abundance

Suddenly it's summer. The deluges of rain have soaked in the flower beds are inexplicably dry. Good thing I plant for stability and endurance. My roses are bursting out all over.
D's family gathered in WhiteRock for good food and good company, yesterday. I made salad rolls and sushi squares. Very adventurous cuisine for me. But when I'm not cooking supper, I can afford the time to learn something new. There were babies and recent weddings and babies on the way. D is the oldest grandchild and the cousins are all fun to visit with. My son is the eldest great grandchild and towers over his great-uncle and most cousins. He passed Uncle Don when he was 11.
Today is Sunday. I could continue my internet research and answer my questions. I could research candidates for the skating club. I could walk the dog in the mid-day sun. I could return a list of phonecalls.
But I am going to listen to Brenda Dayne read Age of Innocence and try to capture a ray of beauty in my Clapotis. If it was a gift for someone else, I'd be all over it. But I want to have pictures of dropped stitches (in a good way) for tomorrow. Knitting for the day of rest.

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