Saturday, April 10, 2010


Proof that I am out of bed. We had a frost last night, but there is no proof of that. I have endulged in knitting and reading and drinking hot tea. Today I added licorice to the pharmacy that I am wielding to stop my *&%#$ coughing.

I felt well enough to spend my burst on energy on a walk with the big black dog.

She's not so easy to take pictures of. Partly because she is rarely still unless she is asleep. And partly because she always comes to me when I try to get her to look at me.

This is as close to a pose as I'll get unless her nose is down and sniffing.

Started two knitting projects yesterday!! Spent my energy on Judy Becker's Magic Cast On and thanks to Cat Bordhi for the video. I like her story telling- I work that way. And she is such a patient teacher, going over and over it without getting impatient. I started the Cascadia socks for the Rockin Sock Club. I still didn't get gauge, but I'm already down to 1.75mm. It's a bit hard on the hands.

To give my hands a break (I know I should not knit for a break, but, you know.) I started a bulky worsted vest in a blue tweed. It's a Rowan pattern. I know. Hoity toity. But I borrowed it from my best friend and I have the back half done already. Valour. I'm not using the expensive colour changing yarn, just some clearance Kertzner Tweed Montage. But I like it and I may have a new vest for the Twist of Fate Retreat.

This is a lot of ambition for someone who still spends hours in bed, but it's doable with audio books and lots of Puffs tissues.
Perhaps tonight I will prove that I can make supper.

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