Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Revelling In the Boring

Today I am out of my bed and trying to catch up on the messy floors. We had extra people in our house over Easter, eventhough I was a snotty mess. The nephew gansey was a god send because it was just lots of stocking stitch. But apparently not easy enough.

Look at those channel island cast-ons. The trick is that they match. This wasn't always the case. When I finished the second sleeve, I started casting on the body (212 sts!) and noticed, "That's not right." I got out my "Knitting Ganseys" book and reviewed. Oops! That doesn't match the first sleeve. Unfortunately it matched the second sleeve. I had a fever and couldn't stop coughing, but I still think ripping it out was the best choice. The wool hadn't even kinked yet.
So this is the third sleeve. I cast on the body umpteen times. But once I was set, away I went.
There aren't too many special effects on this sweater, so I was really attached to the cast-on. It went OK.
Last night I tried to finish my "March" ball of Marble on the Lady Emily entrelac blanket. I'll work on it tonight if we watch a video.
Managed to read a few books and catch up on lots of sleep. I'm still going to take it easy for a few days so I don't cough out a lung, but I am encouraged, and enjoying the boring knitting.

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LNS said...

I hope you're feeling 100% again soon! Being sick sorta sucks the fun out of holidays.
That's a beautiful sweater you've got going (lucky nephew!) :-)