Friday, January 07, 2011

Keeping House

When I got back from the ranch, I still had to take down the tree and do more than a week's worth of house cleaning. Plus I had to start pulling low fat dinnners out of thin air. To reward my good work, I bought these giant jars at Wallmart. I put my sock yarn in them to remind me of what I want to knit. I need to buy another one for other yarn. They hold a lot! I got the idea from Jenny on Stash and Burn who talked about her yarn in jars. Thanks Jenny!
I also looked in my old folder of sock patterns and found I had chosen some really good ones. I mostly go to my books for ideas (through Ravelry).
In Kamloops we visited Twist of Fate despite the incorrect phone message and lack of info on the website. I thank Caroline for setting me straight, sharing her baby and being my tour guide in the shop. I get overwhelmed when I have too many decisions.
But I knew I wanted some locally dyed sock yarn. This is from Shannon who is so bubbly and dyes a lot of candy colours. I met her at the Fibres West. Looking forward to seeing her again next March 18 and 19.

I bought me some Malabrigo! So soft. I plan to make the Moody Kerchief. Perhaps the first of many.

But first I have to get my Advent Scarf to 72 inches. I'm not even aiming for completing all the 24 parts. Just a long shawl/scarf. My eye is wandering. I am thinking about other projects and wishing I was finishing the Long Suffering Sock so I can cast on another.
The Winterblomen mittens are frogged. It certainly wasn't the pattern. I picked the wrong yarn first. Then I had the wrong gauge. I was disappointed that the pattern was random and not the rhythmic sets of 2 and 3 that I love in fair isle.
Do you have a little voice that speaks to you with common sense? Mine is called "Jean". She said, "Don't knit it if you don't love it." Of course. But I really needed permission to ditch this mitten that I failed to knit last year.
Now I'm going to start the Endpaper mitts. Not just because Leslie made them beautifully for Lala.
They were on my favourites list before that. I almost made them as a Christmas present. But they will be for me. After I finish the white scarf.
I only have the scarf and the sock on the needles right now because I finished the Holden Shawl on the way home from the ranch. I cast on as we headed up. Now that's a good trip.
This is for my mom for her February birthday. I loved knitting it. That's why everyone is knitting small shawl right now: they're fun and fabulous. This is Koigu because I wanted something special.
The colours are meant to evoke and iris garden because that's her name. Emily doesn't like the colour, but I do and I hope Mom does, too. She grabbed my Multnomah and put it on once. She's not very subtle.
If we start the new year as we mean to go, I have a clean house and some great knitting to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Love Koigu yarn - the colours are just to die for. I really hope you finish your Advent scarf - it looks absolutely stunning. I love the idea about the jars too!
Great to see you on River of Stones. Good, isn't it?

17th stitch said...

I love the jars of yarn! What a great idea...

Mindy said...

I love your Holden!