Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chugging Along

I feel I have caught my stride with this Cascadia sock. It was a difficult cast on and it took me a little while to figure out the lace. But it is a friend. I can knit on it while listening to Homer's The Oddysey. The knitting is a little tight, eventhough I still don't have gauge. When my hand tires, I turn to the opposite:

The Valour vest on 6mm straights. I don't usually use straights, but this is a quick knit and they were handy. I've knit even more than shown here, almost done the first front. The best thing about a vest? No sleeves!! I was worried that my recent hot and cold spells were hormonal. But it's still this dreadful cold. So I'm chugging down lots of hot tea while I knit and listen ( and do paperwork and correspondence). If my mind clears enough I'll continue sewing on the fantasy cupcake apron.


Emily said...

Beautiful vest! Also, I love the colors of the socks!

Angie said...

Your knitting looks great and I especially like the photos of your vest--pretty yarn.

I hope you are feeling better and are all over your cold/cough!